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As the Gravel Hill Church Community. . .

Our Purpose is: To learn, live and share Christ.

Our Mission is: To provide a faith community where we learn about Christ through study and worship, live Christ through mission and fellowship, and share Christ with the world.

Our Vision is: To cultivate spiritual, emotional, and physical growth.

Gravel Hill United Methodist Church is one part of the whole church of Jesus Christ made up of many denominations. More than 41,000 UM congregations around the world welcome everyone who seeks to respond to God’s love, to grow in spiritual strength, and to participate in congregations providing support and opportunities for service. Everyone is welcome to attend services and to receive Holy Communion.

As followers of Jesus Christ, people of UM faith give special emphasis to certain Christian truths:

  1. Everyone can know God’s love through Christ and be changed. This is God’s “amazing grace.”
  2. This grace fills us with an assurance that we are God’s beloved children, and gives us courage to live our lives with strength, integrity, love and compassion.
  3. God wants us, both as individuals and as communities to be better than we are. So we are active in applying God’s truth to our own lives, and to the larger communtiies of which we are a part.

While we are bound together by these truths, we celebrate a wide diversity of opinions about many matters. John Wesley, founder of the Methodist movement, said that Methodists are not defined by their opinions but by how much they love God and “shed God’s love abroad in the world.” United Methodism is an “amazing connection” of persons called by God, inspired by the Holy Spirit, and walking in the footsteps of the risen Christ. We invite you to join us for the journey.